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Hotel Accommodations Close to Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is among the most popular historic and cultural attraction for visitors to Milton Keynes. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds visit each year, including families on holiday, history enthusiasts, and those visiting the area on business with a bit of spare time. When comparing hotels near Bletchley Park, Woughton House Hotel offers accommodation options to fit every budget in a tranquil, picturesque setting.

Hotels in Milton Keynes allow visitors to stay near the best entertainment and attractions in the area. Our single rooms offer a great low cost option for comfortable accommodations in a tranquil environment with luxury amenities. The hotel is situated close to the centre of Milton Keynes and major roads to take to you any destination.

Bletchley Park was the top-secret site of the World War Two Codebreakers. The property housed the Government Code and Cypher School, which became well known for penetrating the secret communications used by the Axis Powers during the war. The work done at Bletchley Park is believed to have shortened the war by several years and ensured its outcome.

The Government Code and Cypher School began operations at the site in 1939 and continued throughout the war. Later in the war, American cryptographers were posted here as well. Secrecy continued after the war and the work done at the facility wasn’t discussed publicly until the mid-1970s. After the war, the property had multiple uses, such as a teacher training college. In the early 1990s, the Milton Keynes Borough Council formed the Bletchley Trust to maintain the site as a museum.

This historic site is now a heritage center that attracts hundreds of thousands visit the site each year with exhibitions that include Codebreaking in World War One, Lorenz Cipher, Alan Turing, Enigma machines, Japanese codes, and more. Visitors of all ages enjoy the interactive exhibits that explain codebreaking and a pigeon exhibition, which teaches visitors about how pigeons were used during the war. Bletchley Park offers active learning activities for educational group visits by local schools and universities. Students have the opportunity to engage with the history and understand the relevance of the work performed here both in computer history and national security.

Visitors learn about life at Bletchley Park. The home front exhibition shows how people lived during the war and there are Codebreaking offices as they looked during World War Two. The museum includes a collection of interesting items found during the restoration process.

If you are hoping to find luxury hotels near Bletchley Park, our hotel offers elegant rooms and luxury amenities to satisfy even the most discerning traveller. After your visit to Bletchley Park, you can explore any of the many dining, shopping, and entertainment options located close to Woughton House Hotel or come back to the hotel to enjoy fine dining or relax with a cocktail at our restaurant and bars. Browse through our website for more information and book your stay online for our best rates.


Via the M1, Junction 13, take the second exit from the roundabout to get onto the A421 heading towards Milton Keynes. Take the third exit off the Kingston roundabout onto the H8. Go through the Brinklow roundabout. At Kents Hill roundabout, turn right onto the V10. Turn left at the Oakgrove roundabout onto the H7. Three quarters of a mile further along, turn left onto Newport Road. The hotel is half a mile further along on the left just before the church

Newport Road, Woughton on The Green,
Milton Keynes, MK6 3LR